UK’s first energy switching app for businesses is launched

To date we’ve used our blog to share with you our musings on activity in and around the energy market, but for one week only we wanted to tell you about some really exciting news. Therefore in a change to the scheduled programming, we thought we’d provide you with the Press Release we started distributing last week:

For the first time, small business owners can review live quotes in real-time for their energy supply contract via an intuitive app, accept the prices found on the app and formally contract via an e-signature.

Switching Energy has launched the app in response to feedback from small businesses that they want energy switching to be simpler, more immediate and more intuitive. Price comparison websites have become commonplace in the market, but are predominantly focused on domestic consumers as business tariffs are more complex. Switching Energy provides something different, directly addressing the needs of time-poor small businesses whilst enabling them to take control of their energy costs. As part of the recent Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation into the energy market, several remedies were recommended to improve transparency within the sector and create more dynamic price comparison sites for microbusinesses. Switching Energy is delivering a solution that enables these types of business to engage in the energy market via tools that work for them and their lifestyle, such as their smartphone.

Small businesses form a vital part of the UK economy both in terms of their financial contribution and the number of employees they collectively represent. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) reports employment figures amongst SMEs of 15.7 million and a combined annual turnover of £1.8 trillion. Historically the energy market has proven difficult for this kind of business to navigate, leading many to appoint brokers to negotiate contracts and tariffs on their behalf, usually for a set fee. However, it has also added complexity to the contracting process and created a sense of disengagement in the market. Switching Energy’s app service enables business consumers to access market-leading prices directly, and in their own time; something that is likely to be attractive amongst those companies that manage their administrative concerns outside of usual business hours.

Switching Energy’s business-focused energy-switching app is now available in the Apple Store:

It vastly simplifies the switching process, enabling businesses to obtain a quote, contract with the new supplier and switch within one transaction. This mirrors the digital journey emerging within the domestic market. Using this approach, Switching Energy is empowering businesses to make more informed and timely decisions regarding their energy contracts, with the benefit of the immediacy needed for the small business sector.

Jon Davies, founder of Switching Energy, said; “Having worked within the energy sector for twenty years, it was clear to me that small businesses needed easier, straightforward access to the energy market to truly reap the benefits of switching suppliers. Whilst the digital experience is improving within the domestic market, the business market is lagging behind. Our new app enables time-poor small businesses to access market-leading prices at a time that suits them. Not only that, they can act immediately to secure that price in a single transaction. I believe this is a key step in encouraging more businesses to engage with the market and benefit from more favourable tariffs.”



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