Winter is coming… how nest can ease you into hibernation and save money

Whilst I find it hard to accept, I’ve begun to notice that as each evening passes the sun is setting fractionally earlier. I don’t like it and pine for those halcyon days of June when every day seemed to get longer (I know they did!) and for at least a few weeks we experienced what I believe others call “summer”!

As the evenings draw in and we move relentlessly towards a clock change that seemingly speeds the whole process of Autumn into Winter, many of us will start dialing up our heating to compensate for the lower and lower overnight temperatures. When you go to use your home thermostat, chances are you’ll be using technology conceived in around the 1830’s: all the more amazing is the fact it still works and is largely unchanged from that time.

As with everything in 2017, the role of digital technology and the Internet have started having an impact even the humble thermostat. A whole range of digital thermostats have become available over the last few years and many combine with other tools to offer anything from in home security to a fully enabled “smart” home.

So, where to start in these times of often too much choice? As a colleague once told me “keep it simple stupid”, the sales trainees amongst you with no doubt recognise that parlance! In a bid to do that I’ll start with my own personal experience. We had a Nest thermostat fitted in our home when they first arrived on UK shores in the spring of 2014. Whilst its not revolutionised our lives, its certainly proved very effective at what it does. Firstly it looks sleek, it often still receives compliments from visitors to our home and reminds people of the aesthetic you get in Apple’s products.

the nest thermostat have a learning feature which builds a heating schedule based on your activity

What I find of particular use is the ability to turn on your heating whilst you’re away from your home – ensuring the house is warmed in time for your arrival at the front door. When your schedule is different every day this feature is ideal and avoids using energy to heat an empty home. When it comes to energy consumption I can’t offer definitive evidence in terms of using less, however its interface encourages thoughtful reductions in temperature, which over time I’m sure have helped us reduce our overall energy bill. In this regard Nest thermostats have a “learning” feature, which by tracking your activity, starts to build a heating schedule that suits your lifestyle. Nest claim that overall their thermostat has saved its owners a combined worldwide total of over 8 billion kWh since its launch.

As the Nest, like many of the other smart thermostats is internet-connected, you have the ability to tether to other products in their portfolio. These include smoke alarms and security cameras, all controlled through a common interface. Many refer to this as the “internet of things”, a topic very relevant to energy and something I’ll talk about down the road. I highly recommend exploring what’s out there in the world of connected thermostats, as the range of features available really can improve your ability to control your energy costs and improve the way you effectively heat your home.

Take a look at our nest thermostat along with our range of other smart thermostats please go here: and if you want to ensure your on the right gas tariff for your home as we approach winter why not start your switching journey today:

And finally, just remember the shortest day of the year is just round the corner on December 21st, after that we’re on the up!

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